Review; TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

   TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping pack


This review is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

Before we get on with the whole review I should probably admit two things; firstly, I’m rather fresh to the whole AB (Asian-Beauty) game, as opposed to the other more experienced half of this blog.
So you all get to take part in the wonderful journey whereas I discover holy grails, snails and fails, lucky you!
Secondly; I friggin LOVE cute packaging! I’m probably the ideal target audience for TonyMoly, I want it all because.. well, pandas, piggies and everything adorable! When I think about it, thats probably gonna be my downfall
Skin: No, Mocka, we don’t like this product, we’re gonna break out.
Me: But… cuteness overload, cute packaging equals cute and skin-friendly product, yes?

Enough about my eternal fondness for the cute, lets get down to business!

Product: TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping pack
Price: 8-10$ (Ebay, Jolse, Bbcosmetic, Sephora)
Good for: Moisture, even out skin tone, brighten dark spots

The panda in question is as the title says a sleeping pack, so this is the sucker you smear on right before you go to sleep, and is to be applied on a clean face, so it’s the last step of the routine in other words.

So, this product claims to brighten your dark spots, even out your skin tone, and of course give your skin the oh so delicious moisture it needs. It plans to do this with the good help of Lavender, Rosemary, Bamboo Shoot Extract, and Berry Extracts.
Which is nice! According to CosDNA it’s not full of bad stuff necessarily, but some people might experience breakouts or irritation from it. So I and probably every other k-beauty person out there would recommend to patch test it.

The product itself has a kind of cloudy gel consistency, it’s nice and spreads out evenly, and a little actually goes longer than one might think!
I’ve been using this every night the last three weeks, and I’m about 1/3 down in the pot of bamboo goodness!
I know that not everybody uses sleeping packs every night, but until I find the perfect cream moisturizer I will continue to do it like this.
I was also surprised to see how fast it absorbed into the skin, not that I’m the all-knowing god of the sleeping packs, but my skin just ate it all up in 5 minutes tops.

The smell is really good actually, it has this fresh, clean smell with a hint of.. sweet lavender?
I’m not the best at identifying scents, but it smells sweet and fresh, and I love it!

So overall?

It’s a very nice sleeping pack, it sinks in pretty quickly, you don’t feel like you’re gonna attract all of your pillow lint when you go to sleep, and it leaves the face feeling fresh in the morning, I for one got that smooth babybooty face when I wake up!
As for the claims it makes of evening skin tone or even being a whitening mask, yeah, sure, to some degree, it will help a little with evening, but the effects you get are only temporary, so when you rub off the mask come morning time, so does the effect.
But it does help with the gigantic purple/blue/ugghness circles, they have yet to hit the road for good, but there is improvement!
Also, what the heck? I’m gonna check of a point, just for it lacking a device or a spatula or something to actually pick up the product, maybe I’m the only one, but I’m not a huge fan of poking my finger into the product itself, I like to have something that does the dirty(but really oh so clean) work for me.
Considering that this is a reasonable sleeping pack it does a good job in the whole moisturizing department, temporarily at least.

 The Pros:

* Moisture
* Improving dark circles
* Super cute packaging
* Subtle fresh smell
* Reasonably priced

The Cons:

 * Whitening, yet to happen
* No spatula


I would probably buy this product again, maybe not for its claimed effects, but for the moisture and of course the packaging!

This product gets:
 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 / 10



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