Goodies in the mail!

Hello darlings, dudelings and everyone in between!

Here’s a short, but sweet post on the items mentioned on our instagram feed, that finally came to mama! When saying finally I mean after 10 days, which in reality is pretty fast, but I have the patience of an bamboo-craving panda, so 10 days for me is A LOT. When we all know that when shipping from Korea to Norway it’s a miracle that it came that fast, and right before easter, wooh!

So, here goes:

Firstly I got my hands on the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Mask in a variety of versions, basically because I’ve never tried them, and I love a good package deal!
I’ve heard great things about them around the interwebs, so I kinda just had to buy them. (and they’re cheap, which always is a plus)
IMGP8872.pngI have yet to slap them on my beautiful face, but I will give you guys an update as soon as I’ve tried these moisture bombs!

Next I purchased Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask since I’ve read about it almost everywhere at it seems to be a cult favourite, and so far I adore it! I got the chance to slap it on my face this morning, so of course I did. And boy let me tell you, this one gets the morning nasties out of the pores, not like a stinging sucker that leaves your face sad and red, but you really get that babybooty feeling afterwards! And so far I’ve had no bad reaction or purging from this badboy, so I will try it a few more times before I give it the Hail Mary or Die Gary, all depending on how me and Mr. Sugar Mask get along!

Next we move on to something I’ve been eyeing for a while, Vicky already has this product, so once it’s tried and tested we might do a review where we both share our experience with this snaily goodness!
I’m of course talking about Mizon’s Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule! I really hope this slimy sucker will be a bestie for my skin, because, well, we love snails, don’t we?
This actually came in one of those “Special Edition” promotions, so I got a small All in one snail repair cream with the ampoule, this will also be tested, sniffed, applied and raved or hated, time will tell!


So for now, that’s all I’ve got!
Hopefully there will be a first impression/ short review up by tomorrow on a product I know has a special place in your heart or leaves a bad taste in your mouth, depending on the skin type you’re blessed/cursed with.
Also, can I just say, free samples? Dudes, I love free samples! Or, everything free I have a tendency to like, I mean, it’s free, it smells good and you can smear it on your face, what is not to love about it?
So maybe it’s time to try out some Vit C just to see what the hype is about.. Anyways!

Until next time!
– Mocka

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