Waiting and waiting…

Hey guys!

I need to moan just for a second, so bare with me.

While I’m away and enjoying the Easter Holidays, I can’t help but think about the order I’m awaiting! God, I’m so impatient…

I usually get my stuff within 7-10 days. And guess what? THIS IS THE TENTH DAY, and It’s just too bad that I’m not home at the moment. I hate that I can’t possible know if my order has arrived or not. You know, cause of Easter n’shit (no offense, lols).

Gaaah! I NEED my new products. I want to hold them in my hands and sniff them… #kbeautyaddict

I’ll tell you one thing for free; I expect that shit to be in my letterbox on sunday when I get home.

– Vicky  🙂

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