Rant of the week; Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 Ampoule🐑


This rant is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

45% of what the fuck, yuckness.
keep in mind darlings, that this is my personal opinion, and it didn’t work for me, but if it works for you, yay! 

So where do I start? Vicky gave me this to try after she didn’t find it very helpful, so me being the freebie loving lady I am, I tried it out, and my-god, this is one baaaaaahd product for my skin, but keep in mind, “ymmv”

Name: Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 Ampoule
Product: Ampoule
Good For: “The ampoule, highly enriched with placenta, revitalizes and regenerates deep in your skin. The light texture quickly and effectively permeates the skin with no sticky reside or interruption for following skin care. Mizon Placenta 45 Ampoule is a miracle worker that gives you bright, elastic, and lively skin.”
Price: 12-15$ (Amazon, E-bay)

I just wanna put it out there that this product contains placenta, as the name would imply, so if the thought of putting this on your skin makes your face turn seven shades of green, and your stomach dancing like a drunk dude with two left feet it’s safe to say that this product might not be for you. 
I’m not entirely sure from whom they’ve collected the placenta, it is mammal placenta, and I belive it to be from sheep, but then again not 100% sure. 

I tried this product when I was fresh as a toddler in the AB game and was sure that this would be a revolutionary ampoule that my skin would befriend instantly, boy was I wrong!
I’ve tried this two times just to be sure that both me and my skin really hate it, like deep into my fairydusted heart hatred.
So this is what happened:
I applied the product as instructed, and instantly felt my face tingle, and not in the good rollercoaster tummy tingling way, more the oh god did I just peel off nine layers of skin way.
I saw no other way than to wash it of and face the consequences, which weren’t bad right away, but I only had to have residues of this on my face for a few hours before shit started to pop up all over the place!
At first I believed it to be purging, as my friend Dr. Google suggested, but when it had managed to cover larger parts of my face with ugliness one could safely say that it wasn’t just some good old purging.

After that I steered clear of the product for a while, using other amazing remedies just to get my skin back to state is was pre sheepshit time.
So silly me, being curious and all decided that I had to try it one more time, maybe I had done it wrong the first time? Maybe I put it on wrong? Or maybe there was something else that had made my skin ragequit? Maybe my skin wasn’t ready for this remedy destined to make your face cute as a lamb?
Well yeah, no. I experienced the same result this time, just not so severe, but it made me break out in places that has never before been seen as a problem area, and let me tell you, there are very few non-problem areas in that big ass face of mine.
So for now I’ve reached the conclusion that me and this gorgeous little bottle of mama-jam aren’t ment to be.

But I would love to hear from somebody else if they’ve experienced positive results with this ampoule!

So overall?
Very pleasing on the eye, the container has this gorgeous blue color, a hygienic dropper and a clean design. But that is probably all I have to say about it when it comes to the positive.
This product is not for me what so ever, I really want to like it and reap the benefits from it, but me and the ampoule have decided to part as friends, no hard feelings.
So this won’t have a home on my shelf anymore, but I hope for it’s sake that there are many others out there who j’adore it!


Rant of the week done! Tomorrow I will have a post up about one of my favorite products from Mizon, trust me, you’re gonna love it!

– Mocka 


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