Let’s makeup!

Hello darlings!

Mainly this blog is about the skincare branch of the entire K-beauty universe, but what’s the point of having a flawless face if you can’t put some glorious makeup on it?
So in between my spontaneous mini hauls, prowling the interwebs for the finest and newest,  which always ends up being bigger hauls (I’ve got 20+ items that are on their way, wooops) I always find myself lurking in the makeup categories, and today was the day I finally took the plunge!

Not really knowing where to start I went for the obvious, lipstick and mascara goes a long way! But then something happened on my way to the virtual checkout and a little rainbow gem of a highlighter just happened to find it’s way into my cart, funny how that happens.

So for now, this is the newest addition to my makeup bag, I already own a cushion that I use and love every day, not because it is good or does wonders for my skin, but because this is the first foundation I’ve ever put on that actually matches my skin tone, and doesn’t leave an ever so noticeable fake tan line between my face and my neck. So until I find a better one, the one I have will have to do!


So there you have it, short and sweet, and rainbowsparkles!

Do you have any HG K-beauty makeup that every girl should know about?
Let me know ❤️



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