Rant of the week: One sour bamboo eater

Hello darlings!
It’s Monday, and it’s time for another rant of the week!
This week’s victim of the hard truth actually came as a surprise for me, seeing as this collection carries one of my favorite items I can’t help wondering “how the hell did you screw this one up?”
I’m talking about TonyMoly’s Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick, cool dream my ass.
I really had a good thing going with the panda products until this bad bamboo eating s.o.b came along, and what a shame!
Anyway, let’s get down to the cool hard facts!

Name: TonyMoly’s Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
Product: Serum in stick form
Good For: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick is a portable eye serum in a stick that moisturizes and cools the delicate skin around the eyes as it smoothes the appearance of fine lines. Instantly cool and de-puff tired eyes while minimizing the appearance of fine lines with this multitasking eye stick. Infused with nourishing and hydrating bamboo extracts, this serum cools and soothes skin around the delicate eye area while it hydrates.
Price: 6-8$ (Amazon, Ebay, Bbcosmetic)


So this sweetness was supposed to not only be cute, but also help my eyes pop and work it’s bamboo enriched magic.
But this bamboo loving relationship didn’t last long!

This one I purchased at the same time I got the sleeping pack, and one could say I was over the moon to have found K-beauty products that looked this adorable!
I didn’t try the eye stick right away, I was saving it, admiring it from afar as I slowly and steadily emptied the sleeping pack, because who has the heart to empty two panda products at the same time?
And it wasn’t until I started running out of the current eye cream I love that I thought I’d give the panda a go. Oh, the mistake I made there.
At first it was all peachy and fine, I incorporated it into my nighttime routine, seeing as my skin gets all it’s work done after midnight. And it was all going very well the first couple of nights, note, at this time I was still juggling around with some newer components in my routine, so it wasn’t really set in stone. 
But after three nights I started noticing little white dots, and me being fairly familiar with whiteheads didn’t really give it much thought, until the morning after when it became very clear that the new shit that had appeared on my face was definitely not whiteheads. I had managed to get me some milia, yay me!

So I obviously had to remove the toxic mofo that was causing this, but silly me trying more than one product at a time didn’t really know which one of them was causing the problem.
But sure, after some reasoning it couldn’t be anyone else but the panda that had betrayed me and my chubby cheeks!
Oh, the butt hurt when I realized it, whyyyy, panda, whyyy?
On one hand it really annoys me that I can’t have both cute and effective, on the other it amuses me that my new sworn enemy is basically in the same family as my panda sweetheart.

So the love still lives on for panda, just not this bastard!

So overall?
This is obviously not for me, an eye stick that leaves you screaming and shouting on the floor in an awkward upside down snail position is not worth my time, or a regular spot in my skin care routine.
Surprise surprise, this won’t make my top 5 list when it comes to stuffs I love, as for the effects it claims to have, naaaah, gurl, u be trippin.
I felt nothing but sadness in my toes after being face bullied by this stick. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but this just did a number on my face.
Basically, from me it’s a big fat hydrated no, but it might do wonders for others, who knows?

If you’ve had experience with this product I would love to know, good, bad or straight up ugly?
I want it all!

That’s a wrap!
Tomorrow there will be unboxing, because panda mama’s mailbox just got fed!


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