Unboxing more goodies!

Hello darlings!
I promised yesterday to show you all my goodies, my AB-goodies that is!
I’ve been expecting several packages this week, and the first one that came was the one I ordered from Jolse, so kudos for fast shipping, I love it when it takes less that 10 days all the way up north!

So without further ado, here’s the lovelies I will be testing in near future:


Cleansers, YES, cleansers! I’ve already mentioned my feelings towards the Cosrx Good Morning Low PH cleanser, I don’t hate it, but I’m always in the market for a better one, sorry, not sorry!
Anyways, I ordered two new to test
Cosrx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser, because one should always have a secret exfoliating weapon for those days your skin wants to be squeaky clean!
And I’m super excited to try it, because deep down in my unicorn soul I am indeed a Cosrx fangirl!
Next I purchased the
Missha Calendula Cleansing Foam for two simple reasons, It has calendula in it, which not only sounds sweet, but calendula is shown to not only promote skin healing and repairing, but also reduce inflammation, which makes it the perfect match for my combination/sensitive skin, seeing that my skin doesn’t act up like a bitchy teenager and rejects the product, it has happened before. And because the ingredient list isn’t terribly long, and there are none to few irritants in it, something that isn’t always easy to come by these days.

And lastly, I threw in some Tony Moly sheet masks, because I love sheet masks, who doesn’t?

Best part is that they’re cute, has Bulbasaur (Isanghessi) on them AND green tea, love love love!
One of these bad boys are being applied tonight!

So I didn’t exactly raid the store, but I secured myself some goodies to try, what surprised me the most was the amount of freebies, we’re talking a lot!
And do you see what I see? Samples of the new Cosrx PHA moisture renewal power cream, I have high hopes for this bad boy, and I’m definitely testing the samples!

So that’s my little post coming to an end, there’ll probably be more of this in the near future seeing as I’ve been good at mini hauling lately. So bear with me on this, I’ll be charming and fun in between these segments, promise ❤



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