First Impression: Kailijumei Lipstick

Hello Darlings!
Sorry for being radio silent for a little while, I’ve spent so much time hauling, reading and breathing K-beauty that I had to make room in my schedule for sleep, food, and Mr.Boyfriend. I’m not the best at multitasking in other words, or time management it seems.
Anyways! I’m back, with a first impression on what has to be the prettiest thing I’ve bought so far!
We’re talking fancy pansy rose gold,  flower inside shit!

So this has been mentioned before, when I’d just ordered it, and let me tell you the hype is real! I’ve tried it out two days in a row now, and I must say, it’s not only fancy, it actually lasts long, and the color, not my first choice, is kinda starting to grow on me!

I just can’t get over the fact that it’s this pretty, LOOK AT IT GODDAMNIT!
Anyway, let’s just get down to cold hard pink facts!

Name: Kailijumei Pixie Rose Lipstick
Shade: Dream Purple (They all turn a shade of pink, the name is for the flower inside)
Product: Lipstick
Good for: Looking fab and moisturizing your lips!
Price: 18$

Dudes, this has actual gold leaves and a flower inside, just for that they get extra points in my book!
So it’s pretty on the outside, but what about the product itself?

I’ve used it two times now, both times has had a duration of 6 hours give or take, and the color sticks evenly throughout the day,  you might want to add a dash here and there, because the whole lipstick feeling fades, and you’re left with a tint of color, it doesn’t really smudge too bad, and you don’t end up with an involuntary lip liner with no dazzle, which is good!
I’ve even managed to squeeze in a selfie this time, but only of my old, wrinkly looking lips!

This is after 3 hours use, and i’m still rocking it!

So far I can absolutely recommend it, but check in with me in a month or two, just to get an up to date version!

Only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that there is very little product, so you don’t really get your money’s worth, and it takes a bit of product to get good color, but then again, it stays pretty all day long! (if you have 6 hour shifts that is.)


Did I mention there’s a flower inside?

That’s what I have on it so far. I like it a lot, probably so much that I’ll purchase a different flower when this one’s gone, but there is a few different styles, so you don’t actually have to pay 18 bucks for it. The regular models will cost you around 8-11$ depending on where you purchase it from, just make sure that the seller is legit, so you don’t end up with a fake. God knows how your lips will react to that.


Omg, this lipstick!

Let me know if you’ve tried this, or have any other liptastic products to recommend!



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