First impression: Skinfood’s Tea Tree Clearing Emulsion

Hey guys!

It’s time for another first impression, and this time I’m taking a closer look at the Tea Tree Clearing Emulsion from Skinfood. This is one of the few products I’ve purchased that isn’t listed on CosDna. But I read some great reviews on it and many people with sensitive/troubled skin, seem to find it very helpfull with it’s soothing and clearing properties. And boy is my skin in need of that! Also, I don’t have an emulsion in my routine and I do like Skinfood so I’m willing to give this product a fair chance. Enjoy!


The basics   ↓

Product type: Emulsion
Purpose: Clear, soften, refresh and moisturize

More details   ↓
Colour: White
Scent: Tea tree
Consistency: Quite thin but not runny. Spreads out nicely.
Appearance on the skin: After absorbation you’re left with a satin finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels cool and refreshing on the skin.
Container: Made of plastic, nice and clean design. Looks a bit medicinal, maybe?
Dispenser: Pump, very hygenic!
Packaging: The product came without a package, but was sealed with plastic   🙂



Prior to spreading the Skinfood Tea Tree Emulsion, it appears to be pure white and it looks like a rather heavy moisturizer. But once you spread it out, you get to see how thin and light the consistency really is. It glides on like a dream and immediatly makes your skin feel cool and fresh before leaving a nice, satin finish. My impression is that my skin looks rather revitalized after absorbation. Also, this emulsion smells like fresh tea tree, which isn’t a shock as it contains both tea tree leaf extract and tea tree leaf oil! I would say the scent is very similar to the Good Morning Low pH gel cleanser from COSRX; nice and natural.


After only trying the Skinfood Tea Tree Clearing Emulsion once, I must admit that so far  I really like it! As usual; keep in mind, that I’m saying this after only trying it ONCE. So my opinion on the product might have changed by the time I sit myself down to write the full review in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I’m very eager to find out if this product does as promised; clears and soothes my troubled skin.

As with any product I try, I’ll be back with a full review after putting this emulsion to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!


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