First impression: Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Hey guys!

It’s time to share my thoughts on a product that I’ve waited for in big suspence. It’s the Supple Preparation Facial Toner from Klairs! Now, I’m going to be honest with you guys; this will be a slightly different “first impression”, cause I’ve actually used this toner for five days already.
The reason why this has happened is because I got a whole batch of new products at the same time, I was in need of a few of them at once, and I just didn’t have the time to write first impressions on all of them right away. This means that there will be a couple of more “first” impressions coming your way, on products that I’ve tried more than once. But fear not, cause I still remember what I felt about these products (and this one) the first time I applied them and my thoughts on them haven’t really changed. So yeah.

Let’s get to it   ↓


The basics   ↓

Product type: Toner
Purpose: Balancing the skin’s pH level, prepping the skin for following products, hydrating and moisturizing.
Step in skin care routine: After cleansing.
Price (Ebay): 20.78 USD

More details   ↓

Colour: Clear.
Scent: Smells allright. Clean and medicinal scent.
Consistency: A bit thicker than most toners. Spreads out nicely.
Appearance on the skin: After application you’re left with a satin finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels cool and refreshing on the skin, absorbs quickly.
Container: Purple and light yellow themed plastic bottle. Looks clean and medicinal.
Packaging: Purple and light brown themed box.


Having used the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner a few times now, I can honestly tell you that I so far LOVE it. It’s slightly thicker than most toners I’ve tried but it glides on nicely and it feels very pleasant, nourishing and moisturizing on the skin. And I was hoping that it would, so I’m very happy with it so far. I feel that this toner is very soothing and calming, something that my sensitive skin highly appreciates! When it comes to the scent, it doesn’t really smell of much. It has a very clean and maybe even a medicinal scent. Not bad!

And remember; I always recommend taking a closer look at any new product before purchasing it, just in case you’re allergic or sensitve to one or more of the ingredients. Personally I always check before buying a new product, because I know my skin is of the extra vulnerable type as I do have dehydrated combination skin with acne prone areas. You can find the ingredients, what they are and what they do at CosDna.

As with any other product I put to the test, I’ll be back with a full review on the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner in a couple of weeks, maybe even before. Usually it takes about two weeks for me to make up my mind about a product as to whether it is bad or good for my skin. BUT since I’ve “cheated” and already used the Klairs toner for nearly a week, my guess is that I’ll be back with a review in less than two weeks. Yay!

So that’s it for my “first” impression on this toner! I Hope you found it helpful. And please let me know if you’ve tried this product and what you think of it!

Vicky ❤


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