Review; Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream

Hello darlings!

It’s safe to say that this review is a little overdue, but it is finally here!

Name: Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream
Product: Eye Cream
Good For: Fine lines, wrinkles, moisture,
There’s no need for an expensive high-end eye cream anymore with this affordable
high-quality eye cream! Galactomyces works not only to lock in moisture within
your skin but also to rid of any residues piled up in your pores and to remove
any signs of fine lines along your contours, delivering an overall effect of
a more translucent and naturally glowing skin!
Price:  6-11$ (Testerkorea, Ebay, Jolse)

The facts about the cream haven’t changed since last, but the impression on the other hand..
I only used it for a week and a half, not going to lie, and yesterday I was contemplating if this belonged in the review or rant of the week section. That’s how little we got along in the end.. Which is a shame, because there’s a certain appeal when it comes to me and fermented ingredients, they’re supposed to be these mythical creatures of awesome, dedicating their life to help fix my skin issues. That’s the picture I have in my head at least, the truth is much less colorful and funny. But the fact that fermented ingredients are good guys helping you help your skin isn’t unfunny. Imagine regular ingredients with superpowers. There has to be some truth to this, considering that western skincare brands are slowly getting on that hype train.

Anyway, for those of you that haven’t read the first impression on this proudct, here is a link. For those of you that have, yes, there is a little copy-paste here and there, but I’ve made sure to sprinkle new opinions and thoughts almost everywhere!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, this one made it’s way to me because I was bored with the eye cream I already had. It didn’t really give me any visible results, and I was having unrealistic expectations of fireworks and no bag eyes, which says a lot only having tried one AB eye cream, but then again I’ve never been much for eye creams. Not only are they white, heavy and scream of grease and milia consistensy wise, but the ones I’ve tried feel heavy when I put them on, which instantly makes me fear that they’re going to clog my pores and make me break out in dance, or in big old pimples that want to live under my eyes forever.

So yes, let’s just get down to the experience of this product, shall we?

Simple and boring, but then again, not all manufacturers focus their marketing towards a fancy exterior, rather than a well working product. It does actually say “Pure Natural Skin Care” on the tube, so that’s their aim, I guess. 
Grey tube with a little shine to it, and a black little top. I do like the fact that it comes in a tube, for me it’s easier to get the right amount out and it’s more hygienic than a tub or jar.

Texture & Smell:
“It doesn’t really smell that much, but I’m still full of snot and everything not so nice so my nose can’t be trusted. I have however consulted with Mrs. Mother, and she describes it as a very subtle hint of peach/apricot. So basically it doesn’t really smell that much.
The consistency I would describe as white creamy goo, like any other eye cream basically.” <- Straight from the FI.
The texture is still the same, but my nose is up and not running again, so this time I can actually smell it myself, the wonders of the world, dudettes.
She was really good at sniffing out the faint odor of apricot, but there is also an underlying hint of something else, like mushrooms or warm pool water. Not a bad scent, but a little something other than the sweetness if you get my whiff.
It doesn’t smell like death, and the scent doesn’t linger, it disappears eventually, so we’re all good!

The cream itself spreads nicely and you’re left with a slightly dewy finish once the product has absorbed properly.
So it get’s an extra point, just for not being oily overload yuckness. But it kind of stops there.
It didn’t really have any competition in the performance department, considering that the guy he was running against really didn’t do anything noticeable, so why did you fail me, you galactic mice?!
We had a good thing going the first week, it hydrated and I like to think that he helped a little with the bags under my eyes, but this was not a relationship made to last.
When we were halfway through the second week I started noticing little annoying white bumps under my eyes, goddamnit. And we all know the hassle of getting rid of those things. For me it can take up to a month before they show signs of evacuating the premises, and let me tell you, it feels like years for an impatient soul like me.

I’m used to products failing me, so it didn’t come as a shock, but I have to admit that I was a bit bummed out. This eye cream was supposed to be my ride or die bitch, but instead it rode into the sunset and left me to die! Well, at least it felt like that, but I’m over it, I swear!
But this is only my experience with this product, I’m hoping that others have better results with it, because we don’t all have to be unlucky in the search for glowing healthy under eye skin!
I can also report that I have found something else that works like a gem, and I will have a post up and running about it later this week!

Packaging: 6/10
Scent: 7/10
Texture: 7/10
Performance: 2/10
Overall: 4/10

This product gets:

🐭🐭🐭🐭  4/10

Remember, this is my experience with this product, you might not have the same, and the product can work wonders for some, and be bad for some, Your Mileage May Vary, and we’re all different, you should always check the ingredient list and read about a product before purchasing it, but hey, no pressure!

Have you tried this product?
Let me know!




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