Two top Tosowoong products!

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to talk about not one, but two products that I’ve been using twice a day for a few weeks now, which I’ve come to love. They’re both from Tosowoong and they are the ACNE Cleansing Foam and the Embossing Pore Brush! In this post, and in this one I said that I would write a full review on both of them, but I’ve decided to do something a little different this time. Instead of doing a seperate review on each one, I will in this post talk about my experience when it comes to using them combined and throw in two mini reviews, one for each.
I think doing it this way is more fair to the two products in question, as I’ve only tried them together, not on their own. I didn’t – and still don’t see the point in using a pore brush by itself, cause at least half of the point with a facial wash is using a cleanser, right? And when it comes to using the cleanser on it’s own… Let’s just say that after I found out what a good pore brush feels like on my skin, I know I’m never going to cleanse my face without one ever again!

Sorry for forgetting to give the cleanser a good ol’ wipe down!

So let’s start off with taking a quick look at the Tosowoong ACNE Cleansing Foam   ↓


The basics   ↓

Product type: Foam cleanser.
Purpose: Cleanse, treat pimples and prevent further breakouts.
Step in skin care routine: First step.
Price (Ebay): 15.37 USD

More details   ↓
Colour: White.
Scent: Very hard to define, but it smells delicious!
Consistency: Semi-thick, soft and silky.
Appearance on the skin prior to rinsing: Rich foamy lather.
Feeling on the skin: Lovely and luxurious.
Container: Plastic tube with a nice silver theme.
Packaging: Came without a box, but was sealed with plastic.


I must say that I really like the Tosowoong ACNE Cleansing Foam for several reasons! It smells lovely and when mixed with water it lathers up to a soft, delicious foam. I really feel like it does a very thorough job of cleansing my face without drying it out too much. Of course I expect at least some dryness after washing my face, but I can honestly say that this cleanser is the least drying out of all the cleansers I’ve tried. Score! And what’s more? My skin looks sooo healthy after using it. We’re talking squeeky clean.

As you can tell, I’ve used this a fair bit!

Moving on to the Tosowoong Embossing Pore Brush   ↓


The basics   ↓

Product type: Manual pore cleansing brush
Purpose: Pore cleansing and purifying the skin in general. Mild exfoliation and blackhead removal.
Price (YesStyle): 23.90 USD

More details   ↓
Colour: Black handle with gold writing (Tosowoong) and creamy beige bristles.
Material (handle): Hard plastic.
Bristles: Approximately 310000 strong and elastic, fine bristles (0.045 mm) packed closely in a dimply/embossed structure.
Feeling on the face: VERY luxurious and extremely soft.
Packaging: Simple and clean designed black and white box.


I LOVE the Embossing Pore Brush from Tosowoong! I must admit that I’ve never tried any kind of facial brush before, so I can’t compare it to anything other than my hands. Honestly, I’ve never been a girl who really enjoys cleansing her face. I think it’s messy and wet and it gets in my eyes, nose and mouth, but ever since I got my hands on this pore brush, it’s become a joy. Facial cleansing is now easier, les messier, more comfortable and more effective. I love how the super soft bristles glide across my face without irritating the skin, and when I come out of the shower, my face looks super clean, fresh, pink and plump.

Sooo soft ❤

So how do these two products perform together?
Personally I think that the ACNE Cleansing Foam and the Embossing Pore Brush from Tosowoong are the perfect match. I think they work very well combined and my guess is that they are both great products on their own aswell. I’ve used this dynamic duo for a few weeks now and my skin (which began purging nearly immediatly after I introduced these products to my routine), is still purging away like there’s no tomorrow. I can really tell that a lot of the gunk that my skin was harbouring is on it’s way OUT! This has never happened to me before, and I’m literally so impressed with these two!


Now I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably test other cleansers although I’m very happy with the Tosowoong ACNE Cleansing Foam, cause you never know, I might come across something I love even more. In that case this cleanser will be a very hard act to follow! But I know in my heart that I’ll never cleanse my face again without a pore brush, preferably this one. I can tell that it’s made a difference, and you could honestly pair this brush with any cleanser and the brush would make it even better. Result!

Unboxing: Tosowoong’s the Embossing Pore Brush

Hey guys!

So I decided to make an unboxing post, although I must say that I’m not sure if opening ONE, little box qualifies as “unboxing”. Either way, here we are! I’ve been waiting for packages for a couple of weeks now. And today one of them FINALLY arrived! Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s only one box. But to me it’s Christmas every single time I get a package that I know contains k-beauty products. And this is no exeption!

Here’s the package  ↓


Let’s see what’s inside  ↓

SUPRISE (not really as it already says in the title, lols) But still; Woohoo! It’s the Embossing Pore Brush from Tosowoong! I’ve heard great things about this product (and the brand itself for that matter). I can’t wait to try this bad boy and find out if a pore brush REALLY makes a difference in my cleansing routine.

Even before putting it to the test I LOVE this pore brush. It’s just beautiful and the bristles are sooo soft. Let’s hope I love it just as much when I’ve given it a shot later tonight when I’m cleansing my face!

I’ll be back with a full review of the Tosowoong Embossing Pore Brush in 1-2 weeks after giving it a fair chance 🙂

Vicky ❤