Rant of the week; Cloud 9 Blanc De Brightening Cream

Hello darlings!

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m back with a product that didn’t send me to cloud 9, or any other nice cloud except for the clouds in my eyes when they were filled with tears and the feeling of betrayal.


Well, maybe it wasn’t that extreme, but it stung a bit to know that this floof of a miracle didn’t go well with my skin, at all. We were supposed to fly in the sky together, while looking awesome and whitened!

I have written a first impression on this earlier, click here to check it out!

So let’s get down and cloudy with the details on this one!


Name: Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream
Product: Whitening Cream
Good For: Moisture, Brightening
Product description: This magical cream brightens skin ASAP, and the naturally brightened effect lasts up to 12 hours. With continuous usage, it also lightens dark spots, reduces redness, and diminishes freckles. The best part is, this miracle is performed by organic herbal ingredients that also restore and rejuvenate skin all day.
Price: 11-18$ (Ebay, RoseRoseShop, Bbcosmetic)

As you can see from the CosDna there really isn’t anything that suggest that my skin shouldn’t get along with it, but then again, my skin has a tendency to be one sneaky motherfucker, and never play by the rules.

Texture and smell:
“It actually looks like they’ve slaughtered an innocent cloud, grabbed the essence, mixed it with some cottage cheese and stuffed it in a tub. I mean look at that! If that doesn’t scream cream gone bad, then I don’t know what does. But it smells good tho! And the spatula is still cute.” It spreads evenly and smells nice, when you first apply it you will fear that your face is gonna stay that white, but when it gets to do it’s job and soak in, it will only leave a whitening effect, not the whole I just happened to plant my face in a bucket of egg shell coloured paint.

So here’s how the testing period went!
We got along just fine the first couple of times I tried it, but I made sure to only use it daytime, because that usually is the most effective way for me to see if it breaks me out or makes me purge. It wasn’t until I tried it in my evening routine that shit hit the fan!
I ended up getting this nasty milia looking thing right under my cheekbone, but it was angry and red (it’s still there if anyone’s wondering.) And I quickly understood that the floof was the sinner in my routine, considering that my skin fix products were the only thing in my routine at the moment (and they are all tested and trusted.)

But of course, being a little too naive and hopeful I tried it for a couple of days after this, but still got the same result, it whitened, but made angry spots appear in places I usually don’t break out, so with a heavy heart I had to let it go.

So overall it annoys me, I really enjoy the effects that it gives, but I don’t want to look like a pizza face with an even skin tone but pepperoni dots all over the place!

That’s all I had about this product, not really an angry rant, but you know, how mean can one be with something that smells nice and you reeaaally want to love, because it’s made of clouds and dreams?

I probably won’t try it out again, or so she says, and hits the cloud tub once again just to make sure. But if you’ve had positive results with this product I would love to hear about it!


Mini haul time! 

Hello darlings!

Today’s entry is gonna be a shortie but a goodie!

I’m trying really hard to follow the 1empty1newbie rule, but when the heart desires something, who am I to say no? Gigglesnort

So I am in fact running low on moisturizer, and figured I might as well buy it now before I’m left with a flawless routine but no heavenly cream at the end of it!

I’m currently using the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Jelly cream, but I’m always up to trying something new! 
Etude House Zero Sebum Fresh Gel Cream

I’ve been eyeing this for a little while and have high hopes for it! Still sticking to the whole gel cream thing, but hey, it’s something new! Sort of..

Next I thought I’d stock up on one of the creams I love the most, snaily goodness with a delightful scent! Need I say more? And it’s pink! Double win! (cause I got two of it) 
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

And then there’s the newcomer! First of all, it’s pretty, and since Vicky’s been doing my head in on her honey heaven of a cream I thought I’d give it a go, just not the cream.. so I went for the stick, mostly because I tend to get dry patches here and there, and I’m planning on using it as a spot moisturizer, if my skin responds well to it that is! Did I emphasize how pretty it is? 
Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Stick

Lastly I wanted to treat those heavy IKEA bags under my eyes with something nice, so I ended up buying some of that hydrogel magic in the form of eyepatches, awyiiizz!

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch

So that’s currently what I’m waiting for, (from today’s haul at least) And I’m so excited to try them all!


– Mocka 

Review: Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

a.k.a  the most blotchy cake face maker I’ve met.

This review is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

Hello darlings!

It’s about time I throw a new review into the blogosphere, and this time I’m reviewing the first Asian Beauty product I tried. I’m talking about the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion!
This originally belonged to Vicky, but she, being the cutiepie she is passed it on to me, since it didn’t quite work it’s magic for her.
After that I started using it, and even purchased a refill because I had so much faith in it, well.. boy was I wrong! Sort of at least.

So let’s get down and cakey!
Name: Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
Product: Foundation in cushion form
Description: A Long Wear Cushion that creates smooth, fresh and bright skin that lasts long, without being smudged by sweat and sebum.
Claims: to last for 12 hours, Strong against sweat and sebum, and of course, protect against UV with its SPF 50+ PA+++
Price: 18-23$ (Amazon, E-bay, Innisfree)
(so not the nicest in the bunch, but hey, it has jeju mineral powder.)

As you can see, it has been thoroughly tested!

Put an appropriate amount on the puff, apply lightly along the skin texture instead of the foundation and gently dab. Reapply and pat down, if needed.
^These directions I got from the Innisfree website, you are free to apply it any way you want, I usually switch between the puff and a beauty blender.


Texture and smell:
It basically feels like a foundation when applied, and looks like one, big shocker right?
When applying, it blends out okay, and blends nicely on to the skin when dabbed all over the place, but keep in mind, if your cheeks and nose have a tendency to have visible pores, you need more product in those areas, and it isn’t going to look pretty after a few hours, this I learned the hard way.

Scent wise it’s not too overpowering, but when applying, it gives off a strong earthy scent with hints of green tea. It does however fade once the product has soaked in, so don’t worry about that! And if you’re like me and dab on some setting powder after wise, you won’t really be bothered by the cushion scent.

Obviously this shade is not right for my hand, but this is more to get the feel of the texture.


Sweet and compact, maybe a bit larger than some cushions, but it’s a nice little round box that fits in almost every bag one carries around, mine anyway!
Simple design, but also a little boring, of course, if the product had done what it says it does, it probably wouldn’t have needed anything cute or extravagant! But this I feel is a little boring, and the plastic looks cheap, but then again, I’m not totally sold on the product either.

So what do I feel about it?
As this review is approaching it’s end, I’m not totally sure how I feel about it. At first I was over the moon to finally having found a foundation that didn’t leave me looking like a reverse bald eagle, but the more I used it, the more my affection faded for this little baby. The product itself is nice, doesn’t irritate my skin, nor does it make me purge or break out, so ingredients wise we’re good. But this is where the love is discontinued.
The coverage when you first apply it makes you feel confident and ready to face the world, fully believing that no one will notice that you actually have some zits brewing and milia slowly fading, but as the morning becomes mid day, and mid day afternoon, the product starts to lose it’s charm, for me anyway, after having worn it for six hours, I look like shit. My forehead resembles an abstract painting, painted with 30 different shades of red, beige and greyish white, my pores have managed to slurp up all the product and increased by at least 5 times, and it just looks blotchy all over the place. Now I’ve given this cushion the benefit of the doubt and tried with both a setting powder and a primer, but it just doesn’t want to be my friend. So much for that 12 hour sweat guaranty.
So the claims it makes are in my case a straight up lie, homegirl! And therefore I will not be repurchasing this product, but hey, if it works for you, let me know!

I really wanted to have a long and loving relationship with this cushion, long walks on the beach, picnic in the park, romantic candle lit dinners, but no. Instead of helping me look my best, it makes me feel awkwardly cake faced. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
But plus for matching my skin tone and evening it out, it just doesn’t work that well when it only looks good the first hour.

So after this cushion is empty, I will purchase from another brand, I just haven’t decided which one yet!

Packaging: 5/10
Scent: 6/10
Texture: 5/10
Performance: 4/10
Overall: 5/10


So there you have it, my honest opinion about this little gem, have you tried it? And did you like it? ❤


Unboxing & First Impression: Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream

Hello darlings!

So as some of you may have gathered there has been hauling, a lot of hauling!
And now the products are finally starting to arrive, and we are super excited to try, smell, test, poke and tell you guys about every single item!


For me, the first of them will be the Cloud9 cream that looks delicious!

Name: Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream
Product: Whitening Cream
Good For: Moisture, Brightening
Product description: This magical cream brightens skin ASAP, and the naturally brightened effect lasts up to 12 hours. With continuous usage, it also lightens dark spots, reduces redness, and diminishes freckles. The best part is, this miracle is performed by organic herbal ingredients that also restore and rejuvenate skin all day.
Price: 11-18$ (Ebay, RoseRoseShop, Bbcosmetic)


Not only is this little cloud easy on the eyes, but it has very little bad stuff and irritants in it!

So this cream basically ended up in my mailbox because I was searching for a little more heaviness than what I get from the gel kind I have at the moment, and I also like the sound of that brightening effect!
But going back now I realize that it actually claims to diminish freckles, who would wanna do that? Freckles are adorable! I mean, here you have this trend where young ladies actually DRAW ON freckles because of the adorableness, and now there is a cloud looking cream out there, wanting to remove them? I will never understand these trends.. on a sidenote, I do not own a single freckle, so I’ve never had the dilemma of wanting to rid myself of them.


This cute little tub of fluff, where to begin? I love the packaging, the detail with a sky blue jar with a layer of frosted glass on the outside, genius! And it came with a spatula, yay!

The consistency on the other hand, it’s not bad, but more like a big wtf. It actually looks like they’ve slaughtered an innocent cloud, grabbed the essence, mixed it with some cottage cheese and stuffed it in a tub. I mean look at that! If that doesn’t scream cream gone bad, then I don’t know what does. But it smells good tho! And the spatula is still cute.
But don’t fear the consistency, it spreads out evenly and soaks nicely into the skin!

It absorbs fast and leaves a nice fresh floral scent, and looking at my hand now, it has gotten some of that whitening glow going on.

After trying this on my face, I can’t say that it’s a super hydrating kind of white cream that I was dreaming of, but it does have that immediate brightening effect, which isn’t bad.
This will probably be one of those products I slap on in between when I feel like I need some whitening or exorcism of non-existent freckles, who knows?

I’ll give it a go for all you lovelies,  and then have a review up in a week or 3, depending on how good me and Mr.Cloud get along!

Tomorrow I will share more of the haul items I got, can’t wait!


Review; Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Hello darlings!
Here is the review of my slimy sweetheart, Mr. Snail, as promised!

This review is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

Name: Mizon (Multi Functional Formula) Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
Product: Ampoule
Manufacturers description:  “The Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule; another exciting formulation featuring our favorite hero ingredients, snail mucin, in a concentrated serum! Formulated with 80% of the ever famous snail filtrate, this serum has the same properties as Mizon’s other snail products, which are valued for helping to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines, and troubled skin. Packed with other active ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant rich cocoa, this product applies to the skin silky smooth and leaves it feeling revived.”
Good for: Reducing acne scarring, blurring fine lines, dealing with troubled skin and moisture.
Price: 12-17$ (Amazon, Ebay, Jolse)


80% Snail, you guys! This ampoule has for me been a miracle worker, I’ve used it for a little over two weeks, but the difference is there, my acne scars are slowly starting to fade, I haven’t had any major breakouts and my skin just feels happy for once!

So lets get down to the slimy details!

Apply after cleanser, toner, and essence. Pat onto skin in upward and outward motions until fully absorbed. Follow up with moisturizer or sheet mask depending on what you feel like!
Also, this is really one of those “a litte goes a long way” products, take a little drop at a time, you don’t want to be slimy for the rest of the day because you just can’t get enough of it, trust me on this one. I might have been a little slimy the first few times I tried this gem.

Texture & Smell:
It doesn’t really smell that much, I mean, it’s 80% snail, how in the heck are they going to fit in tons of scents without ruining the beauty of it being natural and non irritant?
I don’t mind it being odorless, more room for the glorious peach smell I get from this little serum I’ve reviewed earlier; Peach Perfect.
Texture wise it’s a bit on the slimy side, but not runny, so you can easily dance around while having this on your hand, without spilling it.
For those times your jam comes on the radio while you’re caring for your skin.
Sorry for the manly hands, it’s not maybelline, I’m born with it!
This is the product right out of the container, has a slight yellow/orange hue but barely noticeable.
Spreads evenly and shines bright like a diamond!


Soaks into the skin in just under a minute! Now, I didn’t time it, but I would guess in about 37.6 seconds? Give or take.

This comes in a brown glass container, it’s simple, no fuss and does it’s job. I think it’s perfect for this product, simple and honest.
Comes with the classic dropper, which makes it easier to get the right dosage, cause you don’t wanna overdose on snail, I mean come on!
It’s also hygienic, and we do appreciate both the easy and the hygienic!

So what do I feel about it?
If you’re blessed with scars without being called scarface and kinda don’t want them, you should try this product. I’m not claiming it to be a magical godsend product, but it will perhaps help you on the road to foundation-free days where you can just slap on some eyeliner and mascara and not hate yourself when you leave the house. Yay, right?
If your skin also happens to be the place where sebum likes to build vacation homes this might help, this little snailbuddy has been nothing but kind to my skin, and I haven’t experienced a single breakout or increase in whiteheads/blackheads as long as I’ve used it. So maybe it doesn’t rid you of them, but it sure as hell doesn’t call all it’s sebum friends to tell them that your face is open for business.
As for the whole fine lines I can’t say much, basically because my face has yet to discover these lines, so maybe it’s helping prevent them? No one can say for sure. It probably moisturizes a bit, I can neither deny or verify that it does, based on the simple fact that I do use moisturizer after the ampoule, which I think all of us do.


As said earlier in this post, I really like this product, it’s simple, helps tackle the problems I wanted assistance with, it has a very affordable price, and when I’m 90% certain that this will last for quite some time it’s even better! I will probably repurchase this unless I find another product that works better for me. But for now this snail can live safely in my routine!


Packaging: 8/10 
Scent: 8/10 ( what should I rate something that doesn’t smell?)
Texture: 9/10
Performance: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

That’s what I had to say about this product!
Have you tried it? Let me know what you think about it ❤

– Mocka

Patience is a virtue, and I ain’t got none!

Hello Darlings!

So, I’ve probably eaten my weight in chocolate eggs and foam rabbits this easter, counting the minutes until the next package arrives in the mail. Yes, it’s that bad.

Today’s blog entry isn’t going to be that long or informative or even remotedly funny, because here I am, fingers itching for another cart full of  K-Beauty products, tummy roaring because it wants something other than sugar and saturated fat, and skin pining for new items it can devour like the product loving whore we all know it is!

So, these are some of the goodies I’m expecting;

Some of these were purchased before I learned that CosDna is your best friend, but there is improvement! Now I only want the cute AND the good!
So here we have:

*NEOGEN Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water
* A’PIEU Rilakkuma Collaboration Konjac Jelly Brightening Cleansing Foam
*Missha Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam
* Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening Cream
* Tony Moly New Egg Pore Set
* TONYMOLY Pokemon Mask Sheet Bulbasaur

And get this, dudelings and darlings, It’s not even all I’m waiting for! So you can imagine the pain deep inside of my skin care soul when yet another day passes and no mail arrives.

Also now, looking at the pictures, this is something one could call an easter-haul; yellow, festive, and I’ve even ordered eggs. All that’s missing in that picture is a chick sitting next to them with her butt showing.
Made me laugh.

So for now that’s all I’ve got in my snail covered easter basket!
Peace & Love


Rant Of The Week; Tom(h)ato 🍅

Hello darlings, dudelings and everyone in between!

This rant is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

So, I’ve finally tested a product that I’ve come to resent. A lot. We’re talking pure fire out of my ears, nose and bellybutton because I loathe this thing so much.
Well, I don’t hate the product itself, but the fact that no matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t want to be besties with my face. Goddamnit!
At first it was love at first sight, this beauty of a massage mask found it’s way into my heart, and I was sure that this would be a good match, Mr.Tomato and I.

Firstly a little review just to get the idea of it all, then I’ll explain why this little red fruit had to go and live in the bin.

Name: Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from TonyMoly
Product: Face mask, Massage Type
Good for: Brightening, Detox, Removing Sebum, Lighten Dark Spots.
Manufactures description: “Massage your way to brighter, clearer skin. This massage pack stars the underrated but totally powerful Tomato. It naturally brightens skin, diminishing the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. It also detoxifies and cleans out dirt trapped inside pores, the culprit of breakouts. Other botanical and fruit extracts also work together to leave you with youthful, healthy, and glowy skin.”

Directions: “After cleansing, apply on towel-dried face and gently massage for about 1 to 2 min. After massaging, leave it on your face for 5 to 10 min. Rinse out with lukewarm water and pat with towel. Use 2 to 3 times per week or use everyday as needed.”

Texture & Smell:
This mask has a white creamy almost lotion-like consistency without being a grease mess from down under, it smells fresh and nice, spreads evenly and look the part of a nice face mask that won’t break you out or make your face burn. But don’t trust it, because this is one evil piece of cuteness!

This mask comes in an amazeballs container, typical TonyMoly with it’s sweetness and quirkiness, for that single reason I want to love the mask, but let’s be real guys, you can’t love something just for its looks.
It also comes with a spatula, so you can easy scoop up the amount you need without contaminating the entire content of the jar. Nice!

So what do I feel about it?

For some this might work, I love the promises it gives, the package and the scent! But when it comes to the whole putting on the mask and massaging, that’s where the magic stops.
I have never felt such a itchy/burning sensation before just for applying white goo in my face! All was rainbows and unicorns when I got it on, I started massaging it in, and had no clue what awfulness awaited me!
So, halfway in the massaging I noticed a burning sensation, and not the good one, I just thought it was normal and proceeded doing my thang, but when the burning didn’t fade and rationality kicked in, I decided it was best to safe my whitehead-filled face by washing this bastard of. After some wishywash & taptap drying,  I did a smexy hairflip and took a look in the mirror. HOLYFUCKBALLS, my gorgeous cherub-shaped face!
The Tomato mask just got real. Like, colored in 50 shades of red real. Okay, maybe not 50, more like 3, but still, Mr.Tomato, you were meant to be my bestie. *sadface*

I retraced my steps in the routine prior to the redness galore incident, and tried to blame the toner that I’d been using for merely a week. A week passed and I thought it was time to give the Tomatox another go.. Silly girl. Same result, but now the sorrow was replaced by anger. You dumb fruit you! We were supposed to brighten my skin, not make it match your color!

And by now you’re probably thinking; “Oh, but you’ve learned by now right? It’s time to let it go, Mocka.”
HAH. Never! They say that thirds the charm, so I gave it another week, and this time I was determined that we would get along, which we did! 2 minutes longer than the last time. I got to the whole “leaving it on my face” part before redness disaster made an appearance, and it was of quicker than you can say “Mocka, you silly nilly!” This time it only left a bright flushed color, so I would say improvement!

Today, yes.. Today! I tried it one last time just to be 100% sure that this was the root of all evil. Bad news? It still is. Good news? I just got myself a brand new tomato shaped container! Because you know.. gotta see the good in the awful red bastard.

So conclusion?
This product will probably be amazing if your skin can handle it. I have seen good reviews of it, so for some this has to work! Unfortunately me and my cuteness overload loving face is not one of them.
With that being said my rating will reflect my experience of this product, but I’ve decided to give it scores on several points, to make it more fair. Even if this product made me see red.

Packaging: 9/10
Scent: 8/10
Texture: 7/10
Performance: -10/10 (Hopefully just me)
Overall: 4,5/10

Goddamnit Tomato, why do you have to be so cute?