First Impression; A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea Gel Cream

Cuteness overload.

Hello darlings!

So I posted about this product yesterday, and several others, click here to check that post out!
And I’m never a slowfox when it comes to testing my new arrivals, seeing as my current moisturizer cream is running extremelyyyyy low, and the new one probably won’t get here until next week, I thought, what the heck, Imma smear it all over mah face, get sooome!
(I see now that I’ve been netflixing a little too much lately, so the language is somewhat.. Nuanced. Sorry, not sorry)

So this one I with out a single doubt in the whole entire K-beauty world bought just based on the looks of it, I know, shallow!
But! I have read a good review on it prior to purchasing, but we all know I would’ve bought it no matter the content.

Anyways! Lovely fluffy fact time!
Name: A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea Gel Cream
Product: Gel Cream
Good For: Moisture
Description: High concentrates of Vitamin-C from the Gyoolpy Tea deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving a refreshing, lasting glow on
your skin. Also, being a gel-type cream, it spreads and penetrates into the skin smoothly
and without curdling, and at the same time creates a thin, moisture layer over your skin to prevent dehydration
Price: 13.50$ (TesterKorea)

Basically super adorable and I love it! But will I love the content?

If I were to compare it to my other jelly cream I would say that this would not be the winner, but that is only based on a first impression, this might be a sweet surprise or a bitter bread, who knows?
Anyways! Let’s get down to sniffing and feeling!

When I first opened it I was like, OMG THIS IS GONNA SMELL LIKE THE BEES KNEES, or just a honey packed cupcake, well, someone shoulda read the description.
I mean, it’s yellow, jelly, in a sweet cupcake that one easily could associate with honey, so I’m not totally wrong, but one look at the text that appears when one scrolls down on the website might give one a clearer picture of what this pastry actually smells like.

That being said, this mofo has high concentrations of Vit C from the Gyoolpy Tea, and we all love ourselves some Vitamin C! It does according to Cosdna have two ingredients that I’m not a particular fan of, them being Butylene Glycol (1) and Triethanol Amine (2). When you have acne-prone sensitive skin you don’t really want to stirr shit up, which these might have a tendency to do, however, I do have a couple of products that work their magic, and these ingredients are indeed listed on these washywash gems I hold close to my heart! So I’m going to be optimistic and say that this cake and I, we’ll be drinking tea and holding hands by the end of the month! Look at that optimism, guys! I really wanna get along with this one, fingers crossed!

Anyway! here’s how it looks and sniffs!:
It even looks like honey-jelly-goodness, lordy!
It feels kind of oily when first applied, the complete opposite of the jelly cream I usually use (Etude House Moistfull Collagen Jelly Cream, if you haven’t stalked all my posts yet. <3)
But it get’s better once you start spreading! That didn’t sound wrong what so ever, promises.
Then again, now it looks oily, and my biggest fear then is that it might clog every single goddamn pore that has decided to populate my face, which would be just friggin annoying, breaking out because of a pastry? not cool.

All soaked in and ready to go! The finish is however a little bit more shiny in real life, not like “a whole day sweating in the sun” shiny, but leaning towards dewy as opposed to the matte finish that I adore, I know, demanding and not afraid to show it!

On this one I had to ask for assistance from my very good helper Mr. Boyfriend, seeing as my nose is more clogged than a nightclub toilet after a good old fashioned rave, so what did he have to say about the smell?
Mild but good, fresh with a hint of flowery shit.
I’ll just take his word for it until the full review hits the fan!

So far, I think I like it, I’ve only applied it once, but the clogged pore feeling was almost non-existent, the fear got to me when I put it on, but swooshed away as soon as I’d let it sink in!

That’s it for now, I will be back with a full review once this cream has been baked whipped, and frosted!