July empties!

Hey everyone!

In today’s post I’ll be taking you through the skin care products that are either empty as we speak, or running very low.

So let’s get to it!

The Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule from Mizon   ↓
Okay, I’ll be honest. This bad boy has been close to empty for some time now, but I took a break from it a while back and recently started using it again. Well, the little that was left. ANYWAY. It’s completely empty now, and I’m considering repurchasing it! If you’re interested in Mocka’s review on the product, you’ll find it here!

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The Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream from Etude House   ↓
This is a great little cream if you want something cheap that will last a long time, smells lovely, and last but not least; takes it’s job of moisturizing quite seriously. You can read my review on it here! I’ve finished about 7 tubs of this gel cream, and although it’s not FANTASTIC, it’s great for the price! Definetely a repurchase for me.


The Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream from Mizon   ↓

I’ve had two or three tubes of this little gel, and now that I’ve emptied the most recent one, I know that I will repurchase! I’m not sure how effective it is, but I love it’s thin consistency and gentle cooling effect. And I just think that it’s a great little eye cream to have on hand. Plus it’s mega cheap!

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The Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule from Innisfree   ↓
Now, this little sh*t didn’t exactly last long before the “Repurchase or not?-question” became real! The thing is, when it arrived, about one third of the product just wasn’t there, and then, about a week ago, me being the idiot that I am, managed to knock it over TWICE in about 7,5 seconds. So, yeah. But I do like the product and I might repurchase it. You’ll find my first impression here. Lol, you know you’ve messed up when you spill the remaining half of a product down the sink before you get your review out.


The Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream from The Saem   ↓
Oh my Gosh. I just love this one. I’m usually not a fan of body lotions but this has seriously impressed my balls off. It absorbs into the skin like a dream, leaving it soothed, moisturized and smelling delish! After application the skin has a natural glow and doesn’t feel sticky or oily when touched. Score! I don’t use it every day or night, but whenever I’m going out and my arms/legs are showing, I put some on. Bye bye dry patches, hello amaze! If you’re interested in the first impression, you’ll find it here.


So that’s it for my July empties! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

– Vicky  ❤


First Impression: The Saem Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream

Hey guys!

Today I’m giving you my first impression on a product I hadn’t even heard about up until a month ago! I’m talking about the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream from The Saem! This is my third skin care product from The Saem, and I hope I’ll have better luck with this one, cause I didn’t get on so well with the two others! You can read more about that here. Meanwhile, enjoy!


So, when I first held this product in my hands and actually clapped eyes on it, live, my instant reaction was “Wow, that is one big ass cream!” and it really is! This made me rather suspicious, cause how often do you see a facial cream bigger than an orange?! So I started doing some research (which I probably should have done more of prior to buying this thing), and what do you know? The Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream is infact made for both the face and body, hence the massive size. In other words; it all makes sense now!
As I’m already testing the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream from Etude House, I decided to put this one to the test first and foremost as a body lotion, and come back to it a bit later on as a facial cream! In other words; if you read on, you’ll read about how I experience this product as a body lotion, not a moisturizer for the face.


The basics   ↓
Product type: Gel cream
Purpose: Soothe, nourish and moisturize skin.
Price (Ebay): 11.98 USD

More details   ↓
Colour: Creamy white.
Scent: Hard to define but I must say it smells very fresh! A nice scent in other words.
Consistency: Gel cream. Quite lightweight but not runny. Spreads out easily.
Appearance on the skin: After application you’re left with a satin to matte finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels nice and cool on the skin, very soothing indeed!
Container: On the big side, made of solid plastic with a gold and white theme to it. Oh, and there’s a horse on it!
Packaging: Came without a package but was sealed with plastic.


After only trying The Saem’s Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream once, I must say that I’m very impressed with it! Usually I’m not a big fan of putting on body lotion or body butter, because they nearly always seem to leave an annoying, sticky residue. At least my experience is that most of them absorb a bit, then just lay on top of the skin as a greasy layer (and I only apply a small ammount).  So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream soaked completely into the skin within minutes and left a satin to matte finnish. It glides on like a dream, feels cooling and refreshing on the skin and leaves it moisturized. Of course it might take some time before I reach a final verdict, but as of now, I feel like this cream could be the Godsend that my itchy, dry legs needed! Did I mention that it smells lovely?


And remember; I always recommend taking a closer look at any new product before purchasing it, just in case you’re allergic or sensitve to one or more of the ingredients. Personally I always check before buying a new product, because I know my skin is of the extra vulnerable type as I do have dehydrated combination skin with acne prone areas. You can find the ingredients, what they are and what they do at CosDna.

So that’s it for my first impression on the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream from The Saem! As with any product I try, I’ll be back with a full review after putting this bodylotion (at least at the moment) to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

Vicky ❤