My daily skin care routine 🐱

So, we meet again!
Hello darlings, dudelings and everyone inbetween!

This post is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

I earlier today Instagrammed that I would be posting my skin care routine, so here it is, keep in mind, I’m still tweaking, adding, switching, loving and hating the products, but for now, these are my go-to’s. Just wait until my haul hits the mail, then the routine will look a whole lot different, and pinker and cuter and everything nice. Because we all know I can’t control myself when it comes to cute.
In this post I just list the things I use daily, so it will not have my adored sheet masks or my exfoliators in this one because well, that’s for another day!

So for now, this is what it looks like;


I start off with;
The Face Shop rice water bright cleansing oil; so far I have nothing bad to say about it, it does it’s job, takes the makeup off, spreads evenly, but it does sting the eyes if you’re clever enough to accidentally get some of it in there. I continue with the Holy Mother of Gel Cleansers:
Cosrx’s Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser; I don’t want to insult this cult product in any way, but I don’t really see the hype, I mean, it cleanses well, takes all the dirt that the oily deliciousness didn’t, but I really can’t stand the scent or the tight face feeling, so I will probably switch this one out as soon as one of the three others I’ve ordered arrive.


After cleansing comes toner!

Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshner; Does the job for me, I like it, and don’t really know what more there is to say, love the packaging, it really has that fresh and simple look, love it!

Next I like to switch it up all depending on if it’s the AM or PM routine, usually I incorporate Cosrx’s BHA Blackhead Power Liquid in the AM routine, and Cosrx’s AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid in the PM, I don’t use these everyday, but when I do, that is how it goes down. For those easier days (read, too lazy to do a full on super routine) I just slap on my highly praised Skinfood Peach Sake Serum and do a little happy dance before moving on to the next step. 🙂

I am a huge fan of the snail. Snailpower all the way! Therefore my choice of eye cream falls on the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream: spreads nicely, no offensive scent, and soaks rather quickly into the skin, so all is well!
Then comes the moisturizer, which I just hands down adore! The idea of  heavy, thick creams still scare me, you know, mental scars from the western product days when a thick cream would break you out and make your face look like a zombiecheesepizza that just had to run it’s course..
So when I first got started I ordered a gel cream, and it does it’s job, spreads evenly, and my face feels nice and babybooty-like when it has absorbed. I am of course talking about the Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream from Etude House, j’adore!

At last comes the sun screen, or sleeping pack, depending on what your next step is. You going to bed? Slap on some panda! You going to meet a lovely in the park for a picnic? Gurl, get your UV-protection on!
My protector is Missha’s All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk. Not only does it spread evenly, soak up fast and leave a matte and gorgeous canvas to smear your makeup on, but the lid is pink! The packaging on this bad girl is just so cute, sleek, minimalistic and nice. You can tell that I adore it. I have this thing for products that work and are easy on the eyes!

So there you have it!
In-between here I also variate with sheet masks, exfoliators and this one ampoule that I’ve tried three times, but has broken me out like a motherducker, but we’ll save that for another post!

If you have any HolyMoly products that we should try out, let us know!