First Impression: The Saem Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream

Hey guys!

Today I’m giving you my first impression on a product I hadn’t even heard about up until a month ago! I’m talking about the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream from The Saem! This is my third skin care product from The Saem, and I hope I’ll have better luck with this one, cause I didn’t get on so well with the two others! You can read more about that here. Meanwhile, enjoy!


So, when I first held this product in my hands and actually clapped eyes on it, live, my instant reaction was “Wow, that is one big ass cream!” and it really is! This made me rather suspicious, cause how often do you see a facial cream bigger than an orange?! So I started doing some research (which I probably should have done more of prior to buying this thing), and what do you know? The Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream is infact made for both the face and body, hence the massive size. In other words; it all makes sense now!
As I’m already testing the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream from Etude House, I decided to put this one to the test first and foremost as a body lotion, and come back to it a bit later on as a facial cream! In other words; if you read on, you’ll read about how I experience this product as a body lotion, not a moisturizer for the face.


The basics   ↓
Product type: Gel cream
Purpose: Soothe, nourish and moisturize skin.
Price (Ebay): 11.98 USD

More details   ↓
Colour: Creamy white.
Scent: Hard to define but I must say it smells very fresh! A nice scent in other words.
Consistency: Gel cream. Quite lightweight but not runny. Spreads out easily.
Appearance on the skin: After application you’re left with a satin to matte finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels nice and cool on the skin, very soothing indeed!
Container: On the big side, made of solid plastic with a gold and white theme to it. Oh, and there’s a horse on it!
Packaging: Came without a package but was sealed with plastic.


After only trying The Saem’s Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream once, I must say that I’m very impressed with it! Usually I’m not a big fan of putting on body lotion or body butter, because they nearly always seem to leave an annoying, sticky residue. At least my experience is that most of them absorb a bit, then just lay on top of the skin as a greasy layer (and I only apply a small ammount).  So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream soaked completely into the skin within minutes and left a satin to matte finnish. It glides on like a dream, feels cooling and refreshing on the skin and leaves it moisturized. Of course it might take some time before I reach a final verdict, but as of now, I feel like this cream could be the Godsend that my itchy, dry legs needed! Did I mention that it smells lovely?


And remember; I always recommend taking a closer look at any new product before purchasing it, just in case you’re allergic or sensitve to one or more of the ingredients. Personally I always check before buying a new product, because I know my skin is of the extra vulnerable type as I do have dehydrated combination skin with acne prone areas. You can find the ingredients, what they are and what they do at CosDna.

So that’s it for my first impression on the Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream from The Saem! As with any product I try, I’ll be back with a full review after putting this bodylotion (at least at the moment) to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

Vicky ❤

First Impression; Petitfée Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Hello darlings!

I know, I know, Vicky just posted a first impression, and here I am, Mrs. Slowpants with yet another one. But don’t you just adore us for testing and sniffing, just to make both yours and our trip through the product jungle just a tad easier?

Anyways! This came in the mail on Friday, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it before now, which means I slapped a pair of these on both yesterday and today, just to be sure that the first impression matched the second. Or maybe because I liked the luxurious sensation it gave my IKEA bags?
Also, can I just say, the name basically translates in my head to Pirate Ship & Loot, so that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on, fyi.

Name: Petitfée Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch (Pirate Ship & Loot)
Product: Eye patches
Good for: Purifying skin, moisture, nutrition, reduce visibility of sleepy eye bags
Description: Black Pearl which contains 20 kinds of mineral and amino acid for no blemish clear and gorgeous skin.
Vitality of gold keeps healthy skin tone and vital eye-skin.
Price: 9-12$ (Ebay, Amazon, Jolse)
Cosdna  (Long list, but not the worst irritants)


It does look luxurious though, and the name screams buy me, or at least it did for me, but then again, advertisers love me because I’m easy to convince.
Also I have mentioned a couple of times that I want good eye stuff. Imagine a day where you wake up after four hours of sleep, shit tired, bags all the way down to your chin, no coffee, no makeup and you’re still rocking the goddess look, with eyes so awake and bright that by passers fear they might pop out at any given second. Yeah, not gonna happen, but just imagine it! I will settle for less bags and more glow, if that’s possible.


Anyway, enough day dreaming. Let’s get down to business!
The container is pretty to look at, simple, and solid plastic, which is good. I really like the box it came it, solely based on the fact that it wore the color of gold. What can I say? I’m easy to please.
It also came with it’s very own lifting single hydrogel patches – spatula, that looks like a plastic shovel, which is funny if you’re imagining you’re digging for gold, and you sort of are, considering the color of these badboys! Can I just say “Arrrrgh” or “Ho ho ho”? Either works.
Look mama, I found gold! “Aaarrrgh, matey, such a good little pirate you are!”
No? Nothing? I lol’d.

Texture & Smell:
The Pirate Ship & Loot patches don’t really smell much. Not sure if it’s because my pirate senses aren’t really there yet, or if they actually don’t have a particular scent, but they smell like wet rubber, a little bit at least.
The container is also filled with a liquid, which I just assume is the essence, because how else are they supposed to soak in the glorious eye goodness?
Obviously they are jelly, and if you stick them between two fingers and wiggle, they will make that “slap-slap” sound on your skin. I’ve tested it for you guys, sacrificed a patch for science!
But the look of these, mygod, they’re so pretty; see through with a black/grey film and tiny pieces of gold, I could stare at these for at least three minutes!
No wonder the imaginary pirates want a piece of this jelly treasure.
Well, my imaginary pirates that is. I have no idea what yours want.

Now, I’ve only tested these twice but I do like the effect I’m experiencing after. I feel a bit plump and hydrated, so far no difference in the shopping bags from a place nobody likes, but it might be too soon to tell. I will keep you posted on that!
So far, it gets a claw up, and three parrot “ho’s”, but I’ll of course be back with a review on this treasure, after it’s been looted some more!

I know, a lot of pirate references today. At it again with that netflixing…


Have you tried this product?
Did someone try to steal your eyes because they sparkled so much after using it?

Let me know!



First impression: Etude House Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream

Hey guys!

I’m back with another first impression! I know, I did one yesterday aswell, but I’m expecting so many new products VERY soon, and I just can’t try them all at once. So, I decided to go ahead with yet another first impression today, just to get a head start.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Etude House Pure Water Baobab. This is a product that first was brought to my attention by my dear Mocka, and after reading about it just a bit, I kinda bought it on a whim!
I didn’t really find a lot of reviews on this cream, and from what I understand it’s not a cult favourite. So why not buy it and try it? After all, half of the point behind this blog is to dig a bit deeper and find the more obscure hidden treasures. Hopefully this will be one of them! And what’s more? CosDna claims that the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream is a kind little sweetheart.

The basics   ↓
Product type: Cream
Purpose: Purify, hydrate and moisturize.
Step in skin care routine: Last step, unless you apply sunscreen or a sleeping mask.

More details   ↓
Colour: Semi clear white.
Scent: Smells like MANY other creams out there, which don’t have a particular scent, if you know what I mean? For example the Moisture Surge Cream from Clinique.
Consistency: Gel cream. Lightweight and a bit runny. Spreads out VERY easily.
Appearance on the skin: After application you’re left with a shiny finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels allright on the skin, a bit sticky.
Container: Baby pink themed plastic tub. Cute but looks a bit cheap.
Packaging: Same as the container.

Please excuse my dry, flaky hand…

So I’ve only tried the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream once, and I have to say I’m not really sure what to think about it. Sometimes when you try a new product you can tell right away if you’re going to hate it or love it. This isn’t one of them. I don’t dislike it but it didn’t really do much to impress me either!

The first thing I always notice when I open a new product is the scent or the lack of. Now, this cream does have a scent but it’s very hard to define. All I know is that it doesn’t smell delicious, which CAN be a deal breaker for me as I really appreciate a good scent. For me, half the pleasure of applying a moisturizer is a nice, fresh scent. Of course it’s more important that the cream actually does it’s job, but if I don’t like the scent, it kinda kills it for me.

Other than that the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream is very lightweight and a pleasure to spread on the skin. It glides on like a silky dream! However, it does leave your skin with a slightly sticky – and a very shiny finish, something I’m not really a fan of when it comes to day creams, but it’s not a complete crisis. On days I apply make up this is easily solved with a few blotting papers (after the majority of the product has absorbed, of course). When it comes to performing, I’m guessing that it will be similar to the Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream from Etude House, but I won’t know for sure before giving it a fair chance!


As with any other product I try, I’ll be back with a review after putting this moisturizer to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

Vicky ❤


First impression: Skinfood’s Aloe Watery Sun Water gel

Hey guys!

It’s time to give you my first impression on a product I’ve been looking forward to recieving for a few weeks now. I’m talking about the Aloe Watery Sun Water Gel from Skinfood! The first time I ever tried this was maybe a month ago. I randomly went through my samples, which I have collected through the course of over a year, and found a sample of this sunscreen from Skinfood. I was happy with the sunscreen I was currently using (from Missha), but I went ahead and gave the Skinfood sample a go. And it left my head spinning!
I instantly LOVED the scent (which is slightly hard to describe), my skin seemed to like the feeling of it AND CosDna didn’t really flag a lot of acne triggers og irritants in general. In fact, according to CosDna my beloved Missha sunscreen contains a bit more of the bad stuff. Needless to say; the Aloe Watery Sun Water Gel from Skinfood quickly wound up in my cart! So keep on reading of you want to know how I feel about this product after
wearing it out in the sun today   🙂


The basics   ↓

Product type: Sunscreen
Purpose: Protect skin from the sun
SPF: 50+ PA+++

More details   ↓
Colour: White
Scent: Not quite sure, but it’s kinda fruity and very fresh.
Consistency: Rather thin and a bit runny. Easily spreads out.
Appearance on the skin: After application you’re left with a satin to dewy finish.
Feeling on the skin: Feels nice and comfortable on the skin. Not oily or sticky.
Container: Green and off-white tube made of plastic.
Packaging: The product came without a box, but was sealed with plastic.


After only trying Skinfood’s Aloe Watery Sun Water Gel twice (the sample a few weeks ago + today), I must say that I so far really like it. I mean, of course it will take a couple of weeks before I can come back with a final verdict, but I’m rather optimistic as of now. This sunscreen is lightweight and fresh, and it smells sooo good. Also, it spreads out nicely and doesn’t leave a white cast. The skin looks healthy and fresh, as opposed to greasy or on the flipside: dull. Result. When it comes to getting along with my skin for more than one day, we’ll have to see if this sunny relationship will last!


As with any product I try, I’ll be back with a full review after putting this sunscreen to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

Vicky ❤


First impression: Leejiham’s Tea Tree 90 Essence


Hey guys!

The time has come to share my thoughts on my very first (and probably not last) Leejiham product. I’m talking about their Tea Tree 90 Essence! So here’s my first impression on the product. Enjoy!


The basics   ↓
Product type: Essence/serum
Purpose: Hydrate, balance, soothe blemishes and brighten skin

More details   ↓
Colour: Clear
Scent: Tea tree, but VERY little.
Consistency: Very thin, almost like water. Also a bit runny prior to spreading, and slightly sticky, but only a bit.
Appearance on the skin: After absorbation you can’t even tell that you’ve applied the product.
Feeling on the skin: Very nice. Absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling fresh.
Container: Appears to be made of frozen glass. Clean and simple design.
Dispenser: Dropper. Very hygenic.
Packaging: Clean and simple looking cardboard box 🙂

As you can tell from the photo, the product is runny at first, but after only a few seconds it absorbs like a dream!

I must say I have high hopes for this essence. But keep in mind, that’s after only trying it once. I love the fact that it contains 90% tea tree extract, keeping it nice and natural! I’ve heard so many great things about both tea tree itself and this essence in particular. Tea tree is known for being soothing and having skin clearing/anti-trouble properties, and I know that the Leejiham Tea Tree 90 Essence is a Holy Grail product for many people with troubled skin, like myself. Of course one can never be sure after only one application (and a fair bit of research), but I really think this product could be a winner!


As usual I will be back with a full review after putting this essence to the test for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned.

– Vicky  ❤