Unboxing: Tosowoong’s the Embossing Pore Brush

Hey guys!

So I decided to make an unboxing post, although I must say that I’m not sure if opening ONE, little box qualifies as “unboxing”. Either way, here we are! I’ve been waiting for packages for a couple of weeks now. And today one of them FINALLY arrived! Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s only one box. But to me it’s Christmas every single time I get a package that I know contains k-beauty products. And this is no exeption!

Here’s the package  ↓


Let’s see what’s inside  ↓

SUPRISE (not really as it already says in the title, lols) But still; Woohoo! It’s the Embossing Pore Brush from Tosowoong! I’ve heard great things about this product (and the brand itself for that matter). I can’t wait to try this bad boy and find out if a pore brush REALLY makes a difference in my cleansing routine.

Even before putting it to the test I LOVE this pore brush. It’s just beautiful and the bristles are sooo soft. Let’s hope I love it just as much when I’ve given it a shot later tonight when I’m cleansing my face!

I’ll be back with a full review of the Tosowoong Embossing Pore Brush in 1-2 weeks after giving it a fair chance 🙂

Vicky ❤