Rant of the week; Bad fruit & Bed Linen

Hello darlings!

It’s Monday, which means that I get to rant about yet another product that didn’t quite make it! I just love a good rant, it’s almost as enjoyable as a good sheet mask.
So today we’re gonna talk about an emulsion that I really wanted to love, but didn’t love me. Hate when that happens.
Remember when I wrote a first impression about it? Click here to read it. ¬† ūüôā
And yes, you guessed correctly, the pictures used in this post are the same as I used in the first impression, yay, recycling!

Facts first:
Name: Skinfood Premium Peach Cotton Emulsion
Product: Emulsion
Good For: Moisture, Sebum control.
Description: An essence-type moisturizing lotion that replenishes insufficient essential moisture, while forming a smooth barrier and leaving a soft finish to create clean and moist skin.¬†Calamine Powder Pink Bloom‚ĄĘ absorbs unnecessary sebum to create supple skin like a peach without oiliness.
Price: 12-15$ (Ebay, Jolse)

I’m telling you guys, this bastard is a spawn of the fruitdevil. My oh my, why did I ever purchase you?
Well, we started on well, the product smelled great and gave promises that were realistic. It did deliver, at first.
My face just adored this the first couple of days, we got along just fine and I started believing that it could be the start of a long and healthy relationskin. Boy, how wrong was I?

At first I really loved this product, when I got over the fact that it smelled like acid tripping peaches that actually would like to be candy rather than an extract in a skin care product.
It gave moisture, but never really controlled the sebum, which didn’t really come as a big surprise, considering that it’s a bastard peach.
After a couple of days I started noticing that small bumps made their way to the surface on my forehead, my dear precious forehead that at this point looked like it had been kissed by a herpes infected angel. Which caught me by surprise considering I’ve never had any problems with my forehead, until now.
At first I wanted to blame it on my lack of oil cleansing, but then again, I wasn’t wearing makeup at the time, so I didn’t really see the point of oil cleansing. Anyways, I started double cleansing again to see if it would help the problem, but when it didn’t go away I started to suspect the peach, which was the only new thing I’d added to my skincare routine. So I stopped using it, and my forehead slowly started to clear up, so I drew the conclusion that this pink peach is indeed one rotten piece of fruit.

I’m just gonna put it out there that it blows that our short fruity affair didn’t work out, because I just love the smell of peach, j’adore!
So for now I’m going to stick with my dear Peach Sake Pore Serum which gives me my daily peach fix.
BUT, I will try this product again when I’m done testing the other newbies in my routine, hopefully I’ve been sorely mistaken when it comes to this product, and we can be lifelong friends and have long rides on the beach on our unicorns and picnics in the park until sundown. I highly friggin doubt it, but hey, optimism!

So that’s all I have on this juicy bump creating bastard, have you tried it?
Let me know!



Rant of the Week! Or not?

Hello Darlings!
So, Monday usually means Rant of the week, but guess what, I don’t have anything to rant about this week!
Well, if you read on after this, there will be hints of ranting, but not really!
Last week I promised you a full comparison between the long loved Laneige Sleeping Mask and the Tony Moly¬†Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack, and today is the day! (or night, you should know I really am an owl that likes to stay up late and sniff my products, but don’t tell anybody, they might think I’m weird or something.)20170416_192659
(Picture borrowed from Vicky)
 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Product: Sleeping pack
Good for: Moisture, purifying fatigued skin, brightening
Description: Recharge dehydrated skin overnight. This innovative mask is formulated with highly concentrated Hydro Ionized Mineral Water to deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin.
Price: 27$ (Jolse)
A sleeping pack that promises to have it all!
This I purchased because it had “amaze” written all over it, both on Reddit, Instagram, and based on what Vicky said about it, it just had to be a Godsend!
When I first used this I had already emptied my first panda, and was in desperate need for a new sleeping pack! Imagine my surprise when after using this I felt it to be exactly the same as the panda, only more pricey.
Texture & Smell:
It’s a cloudy gel with a blue hue, and has a wonderful and fresh smell, the kind of smell you just want to sniff really hard!

Name: TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack
Product: Sleeping pack
Good for:Whitening, moisturizing, multi function sleeping pack
Description:“Tonymoly Panda‚Äôs Dream White Sleeping Pack¬†is a lightweight overnight whitening cream. It will help to even out skin tone, lighten dark spots, and effectively moisturize the skin. The gel formula quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn‚Äôt leave a sticky or greasy feeling. There is no need to worry about it transferring to your pillow and it is perfect for all skin types!”
Price: 11$ (Jolse)
This I first bought when seeing it at Sephora in Poland, this was when I was totally fresh to AB and had heard of Tony Moly, of course the fact that it was shaped like a panda was the selling point, but I came to love this, and later ordered a new one from the interwebs!
Texture & Smell:
Fresh and a hint of flowery fruits, gel like, cloudy cream colored gel.

Remember that this is indeed a comparison, so there will be side by side pictures.
I had to break out my emergency panda, you guys! That’s how dedicated I am!

As you can see they resemble each other. I dabbed on a little more of the blue hue dew, but you get the idea.
They both spread evenly, but I find the Panda easier and a bit lighter to spread, it’s not really noticeable unless you smear your face half n’ half, which I did, just to make sure that I really felt they where almost alike.

To me they look the same, if you look away from the color difference. I’m actually pretty sure that if they were to make a blind test with these two products, people wouldn’t notice any particular difference.

So what separates them?
Obviously price is the huge difference, there’s 16$ actually, if you’re counting.
Ingredients; Both contain the bad guys, Butylene Glycol & Dimethicone, which, is hard to get away from, these are typical ingredients that you will find in a wide range of products, they are marked as acne/irritants, but if you have skin like mine, it won’t give a damn!
What I like about the panda is that it actually has a lot of nice extracts, that (to me at least) doesn’t irritate, but the Laneige has a tendency to “last” longer on the skin and the packaging is more exclusive, but still cheap plastic.
Both act similar on the skin, they soak in nicely and give a good amount of moisture, and none of the above leave residue on the pillow covers, yay them!


Of course the skin is shiny at first, but when the skin eats it all up, it leaves a dewy finish. Yum!

So basically, they’re the same, but different. I like them both, but when it comes down to it, I will probably repurchase the panda, I get the desired effect for less than 50% of what the Laneige costs, how can I ignore that?
With that being said, it all comes down to which ingredients you consider your poison to be. We are all different, and prefer different things, my holy grails might even be your holy fails.

So maybe not a full on hate rant, but now you know what I feel about these moist full beings!

Have you tried any of these, and what are your thoughts on them?
Let me know!


Rant of the week; Cloud 9 Blanc De Brightening Cream

Hello darlings!

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m back with a product that didn’t send me to cloud 9, or any other nice cloud except for the clouds in my eyes when they were filled with tears and the feeling of betrayal.


Well, maybe it wasn’t that extreme, but it stung a bit to know that this floof of a miracle didn’t go well with my skin, at all. We were supposed to fly in the sky together, while looking awesome and whitened!

I have written a first impression on this earlier, click here to check it out!

So let’s get down and cloudy with the details on this one!


Name: Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream
Product: Whitening Cream
Good For: Moisture, Brightening
Product description: This magical cream brightens skin ASAP, and the naturally brightened effect lasts up to 12 hours. With continuous usage, it also lightens dark spots, reduces redness, and diminishes freckles. The best part is, this miracle is performed by organic herbal ingredients that also restore and rejuvenate skin all day.
Price: 11-18$ (Ebay, RoseRoseShop, Bbcosmetic)

As you can see from the CosDna there really isn’t anything that suggest that my skin shouldn’t get along with it, but then again, my skin has a tendency to be one sneaky motherfucker, and never play by the rules.

Texture and smell:
“It actually looks like they‚Äôve slaughtered an innocent cloud, grabbed the essence, mixed it with some cottage cheese¬†and stuffed it in a tub. I mean look at that! If that doesn‚Äôt scream cream gone bad, then I don‚Äôt know what does. But it smells good tho! And the spatula is still cute.” It spreads evenly and smells nice, when you first apply it you will fear that your face is gonna stay that white, but when it gets to do it’s job and soak in, it will only leave a whitening effect, not the whole I just happened to plant my face in a bucket of egg shell coloured paint.

So here’s how the testing period went!
We got along just fine the first couple of times I tried it, but I made sure to only use it daytime, because that usually is the most effective way for me to see if it breaks me out or makes me purge. It wasn’t until I tried it in my evening routine that shit hit the fan!
I ended up getting this nasty milia looking thing right under my cheekbone, but it was angry and red (it’s still there if anyone’s wondering.) And I quickly understood that the floof was the sinner in my routine, considering that my skin fix products were the only thing in my routine at the moment (and they are all tested and trusted.)

But of course, being a little too naive and hopeful I tried it for a couple of days after this, but still got the same result, it whitened, but made angry spots appear in places I usually don’t break out, so with a heavy heart I had to let it go.

So overall it annoys me, I really enjoy the effects that it gives, but I don’t want to look like a pizza face with an even skin tone but pepperoni dots all over the place!

That’s all I had about this product, not really an angry rant, but you know, how mean can one be with something that smells nice and you reeaaally want to love, because it’s made of clouds and dreams?

I probably won’t try it out again, or so she says, and hits the cloud tub once again just to make sure. But if you’ve had positive results with this product I would love to hear about it!


Rant of the week: One sour bamboo eater

Hello darlings!
It’s Monday, and it’s time for another rant of the week!
This week’s victim of the hard truth actually came as a surprise for me, seeing as this collection carries one of my favorite items I can’t help wondering “how the hell did you screw this one up?”
I’m talking about TonyMoly’s¬†Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick, cool dream my ass.
I really had a good thing going with the panda products until this bad bamboo eating s.o.b came along, and what a shame!
Anyway, let’s get down to the cool hard facts!

Name:¬†TonyMoly’s¬†Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
Product: Serum in stick form
Good For: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick is a portable eye serum in a stick that moisturizes and cools the delicate skin around the eyes as it smoothes the appearance of fine lines. Instantly cool and de-puff tired eyes while minimizing the appearance of fine lines with this multitasking eye stick. Infused with nourishing and hydrating bamboo extracts, this serum cools and soothes skin around the delicate eye area while it hydrates.
Price: 6-8$ (Amazon, Ebay, Bbcosmetic)


So this sweetness was supposed to not only be cute, but also help my eyes pop and work it’s bamboo enriched magic.
But this bamboo loving relationship didn’t last long!

This one I purchased at the same time I got the sleeping pack, and one could say I was over the moon to have found K-beauty products that looked this adorable!
I didn’t try the eye stick right away, I was saving it, admiring it from afar as I slowly and steadily emptied the sleeping pack, because who has the heart to empty two panda products at the same time?
And it wasn’t until I started running out of the current eye cream I love that I thought I’d give the panda a go. Oh, the mistake I made there.
At first it was all peachy and fine, I incorporated it into my nighttime routine, seeing as my skin gets all it’s work done after midnight. And it was all going very well the first couple of nights, note, at this time I was still juggling around with some newer components in my routine, so it wasn’t really set in¬†stone.¬†
But after three nights I started noticing little white dots, and me being fairly familiar with whiteheads didn’t really give it much thought, until the morning after when it became very clear that the new shit that had appeared on my face was definitely not whiteheads. I had managed to get me some milia, yay me!

So I obviously had to remove the toxic mofo that was causing this, but silly me trying more than one product at a time didn’t really know which one of them was causing the problem.
But sure, after some reasoning it couldn’t be anyone else but the panda that had betrayed me and my chubby cheeks!
Oh, the butt hurt when I realized it, whyyyy, panda, whyyy?
On one hand it really annoys me that I can’t have both cute and effective, on the other it amuses me that my new sworn enemy is basically in the same family as my panda sweetheart.

So the love still lives on for panda, just not this bastard!

So overall?
This is obviously not for me, an eye stick that leaves you screaming and shouting on the floor in an awkward upside down snail position is not worth my time, or a regular spot in my skin care routine.
Surprise surprise, this won’t make my top 5 list when it comes to stuffs I love, as for the effects it claims to have, naaaah, gurl, u be trippin.
I felt nothing but sadness in my toes after being face bullied by this stick. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but this just did a number on my face.
Basically, from me it’s a big fat hydrated no, but it might do wonders for others, who knows?

If you’ve had experience with this product I would love to know, good, bad or straight up ugly?
I want it all!

That’s a wrap!
Tomorrow there will be unboxing, because panda mama’s mailbox just got fed!


Rant of the week; Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 AmpouleūüźĎ


This rant is in no shape or form sponsored. These are my words and honest opinions.

45% of what the fuck, yuckness.
keep in mind darlings, that this is my personal opinion, and it didn’t work for me, but if it works for you, yay!¬†

So where do I start? Vicky gave me this to try after she didn’t find it very helpful, so me being the freebie loving lady I am, I tried it out, and my-god, this is one baaaaaahd product for my skin, but keep in mind, “ymmv”

Name: Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 Ampoule
Product: Ampoule
Good For: “The ampoule, highly enriched with placenta, revitalizes and regenerates deep in your skin. The light texture quickly and effectively permeates the skin with no sticky reside or interruption for following skin care. Mizon Placenta 45 Ampoule is a miracle worker that gives you bright, elastic, and lively skin.”
Price: 12-15$ (Amazon, E-bay)

I just wanna put it out there that this product contains placenta, as the name would imply, so if the thought of putting this on your skin makes your face turn seven shades of green, and your stomach dancing like a drunk dude with two left feet it’s safe to say that this product might not be for you.¬†
I’m not entirely sure from whom they’ve collected¬†the placenta, it is mammal placenta, and I belive it to be from sheep, but then again not 100% sure.¬†

I tried this product when I was fresh as a toddler in the AB game and was sure that this would be a revolutionary ampoule that my skin would befriend instantly, boy was I wrong!
I’ve tried this two¬†times just to be sure that both me and my skin really hate it, like deep into my fairydusted¬†heart hatred.
So this is what happened:
I applied the product as instructed, and instantly felt my face tingle, and not in the good rollercoaster tummy tingling way, more the oh god did I just peel off nine layers of skin way.
I saw no other way than to wash it of and face the consequences, which weren’t bad right away, but I only had to have residues of this on my face for a few hours before shit started to pop up all over the place!
At first I believed it to be purging, as my friend Dr. Google suggested, but when it had managed to cover larger parts of my face with ugliness one could safely say that it wasn’t just some good old purging.

After that I steered clear of the product for a while, using other amazing remedies just to get my skin back to state is was pre sheepshit time.
So silly me, being curious and all decided that I had to try it one more time, maybe I had done it wrong the first time? Maybe I put it on wrong? Or maybe there was something else that had made my skin ragequit? Maybe my skin wasn’t ready for this remedy destined to make your face cute as a lamb?
Well yeah, no. I experienced the same result this time, just not so severe, but it made me break out in places that has never before been seen as a problem area, and let me tell you, there are very few non-problem areas in that big ass face of mine.
So for now I’ve reached the conclusion that me and this gorgeous little bottle of mama-jam aren’t ment to be.

But I would love to hear from somebody else if they’ve experienced positive results with this ampoule!

So overall?
Very pleasing on the eye, the container has this gorgeous blue color, a hygienic dropper and a clean design. But that is probably all I have to say about it when it comes to the positive.
This product is not for me what so ever, I really want to like it and reap the benefits from it, but me and the ampoule have decided to part as friends, no hard feelings.
So this won’t have a home on my shelf anymore, but I hope for it’s sake that there are many others out there who j’adore it!


Rant of the week done! Tomorrow I will have a post up about one of my favorite products from Mizon, trust me, you’re gonna love it!